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Provide Premium Underpads by Tena (Superabsorbent)

Provide Premium Underpads by Tena (Superabsorbent)

Underpad With Superabsorbent Polymer Blend.
Provide Underpads by Tena feature a superabsorbent polymer that helps to improve absorbency for even greater security and skin dryness. These underpads are used to protect bed linens, furniture, and to assist with repositioning individuals. Each pad helps absorb leakage, help reduce odors, and help maintain dryness with a 50% greater capacity than standard underpads. 29.5" x 29.5" Quilted mat provides enhanced fluid dispersion. Interior liner is soft, vented, and non-irritating to user's skin. Outer barrier is a polyethylene layer combined with sealed edges to ensure leakage protection.

Features: • Polyethylene backsheet • Nonwoven topsheet • Fluff pad • Contains Superabsorbent Polymer • Latex Free • *This product is not available with discrete packaging.
AVAILABILITY : Backordered until 2015-05-01
PRICE : $77.32
SALE PRICE : $57.99 (You Save: $19.33)
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