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Washable and Reusable Briefs

Among the many incontinence supplies available to incontinent older adults, washable & reusable briefs are an equally effective but more economical alternative to adult disposable briefs. Apart from the cost savings derived from washable & reusable briefs, these adult reusable diapers provide the additional benefit of not totally enveloping the wearer in a plastic liner, which can retain moisture and lead to skin breakdown.

Adult Diapers

Washable & reusable briefs may consist entirely of cotton or be a blend of polyester and nylon. A disposable pad, possibly filled with water-attracting gel or a cellulose product, is usually inserted in these adult reusable diapers. On contact with urine, the absorbent material “locks” the liquid into the core of the pad, drawing it away from the skin.

These washable incontinence briefs for men resemble real underwear, with a special pouch to hold an absorbent liner in place.
On Sale: $16.99 (You save: $5.66)
Snap-On plastic pants. Machine washable and resusable. Perfect as an outer cover for disposable diapers.
On Sale: $19.99 (You save: $6.66)
Pull-on plastic pants. Machine washable and resusable. Perfect as an outer cover for disposable diapers.
On Sale: $19.99 (You save: $6.66)
Special order XLL reusable incontinence briefs.
Your Price: $24.99
One piece, resuable men
Your Price: $23.99
One piece, resuable women
Your Price: $19.99
These washable and re-wearable incontinence panties are designed specifically for women, featuring pink lace & flower accents while guaranteeing protection.
On Sale: $19.99 (You save: $6.66)
Incontinence pants for men that feel like regular underwear. Fully washable & reusable. Holds up to 6 ounces of fluid.
On Sale: $32.99 (You save: $11.00)
This protective undergarment is designed to be comfortable and discreet and is made with silky Pointelle cotton.
On Sale: $31.99 (You save: $10.66)
Tena Comfort Pants provide comfort, security and dignity. For use with TENA pads. Washable & reusable.
On Sale: $11.99 (You save: $4.00)
Swim with confidence again! Washable/reusable adult swim diapers. Order by waist/hip size.
On Sale: $49.99 (You save: $16.66)
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