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Skin Care

Skin care is an essential part of managing incontinence because urine and other wastes will irritate the skin and leave it vulnerable to infection. Skin problems due to bowel and/or bladder incontinence are likely to occur if the right cleanser and protective ointment aren’t used. These problems can run the gamut from dry skin to dermatitis to pressure ulcers and pressure-related injuries, many of which result from the breakdown of skin’s protective barrier.

Petroleum Jelly

The available range of protective skin care products include creams, ointments, liquid films, powders, neutral pH cleansers and emollients. Think convenience as well, especially when changing adult incontinence briefs. For instance, try disposable soft bathing cloths that feature pH-balanced, no-need-to-rinse cleansers and emollients. Caregivers assisting in toileting are advised to practice their own good hygiene by using antimicrobial hand sanitizers or cleansers, which prevent transmission of infectious organisms.

Removes urine and feces to help ensure effective skin cleansing
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Moisture barrier against incontinent episodes. Available in individual 4 0z. tube or a case of 12, 4 oz. tubes.
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No-Sting barrier film in a 28ml spray bottle. Available as singles or cases of 12.
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A moisturizing cream that soothes dry, irritated skin in 5 oz. tube.
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Water-based deep conditioning moisturizer specially formulated to condition dry, irritated skin.
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