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Double Sided Waterproof Flannel Bed Pad

Double Sided Waterproof Flannel Bed Pad

Waterproof bedpad with 100% cotton flannel on the outside for maximum comfort & a rubber core on the inside. (Twin, Full & Queen sizes)
These double-sided cotton flannel bed pads are very comfortable yet waterproof. The protective rubber sheet is sandwiched in-between two layers of cotton flannel. They are frequently used in conjunction with adult diaper briefs or protective underwear for the heavily incontinent to keep the bottom sheet from being soiled. It withstands institutional use, launders easily and dries quickly. The sheets are available in three sizes, but are not full mattress size.

  • Twin: 36 x 36\"
  • Full: 36 x 54\"
  • Queen: 36 x 72\"
AVAILABILITY : In Stock (ships immediately)
PRICE : $46.65
SALE PRICE : $34.99 (You Save: $11.66)
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