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Protective Underwear

Protective underwear products are absorbent, disposable garments designed to help cope with adult incontinence. Adult protective underwear garments are distinct from products called adult briefs or adult diapers, which are essentially tape-on products that can be adjusted. In contrast, protective underwear is essentially a pull-on (or pull-up) garment made secure by elastic bands of breathable materials that offer a snug but comfortable fit around the wearer’s waist and a high degree of discreetness when the protective underwear is worn. Protective underwear often features leg cuffs to prevent leakage that may occur around the legs.

Tena Protective Underwear

Adult protective underwear can provide many hours of protection, depending on the absorbency you choose. And, importantly, this adult incontinence option is well suited to highly mobile older adults who have moderate to heavy adult incontinence problems.

Pull-up style overnight adult diapers with maximum protection for uninterrupted sleep. Latex-free, breathable fabric.
Your Price: $1.99
A premium, disposable, pull-up style incontinence brief for moderate to heavy incontinence. Side can be torn for easy removal.
Your Price: $1.99
Protection Plus Classic Protective Underwear by Medline. A pull-up style, moderate absorbent incontinent brief.
Your Price: $1.99
Attends Underwear Super Plus Absorbency with Leakage Barriers
Your Price: $1.99
Worn like normal underwear. Ensures good fit and leakage security. The Abri-Flex Premium features odor reducer and discreet wetness indicator.
Your Price: $24.99
This protective underwear offers more absorbency than its regular absorbency counterpart, with a special core that also promotes additional odor control.
On Sale: $19.99 (You save: $6.66)
A more discreet style of gender specific disposable underwear. Looks & feels like regular underwear. Super absorbent.
Your Price: $1.99
These washable incontinence briefs for men resemble real underwear, with a special pouch to hold an absorbent liner in place.
On Sale: $16.99 (You save: $5.66)
This disposable underwear features a soft waistband that allows it to be easily slipped on or torn off.
Your Price: $1.99
Designed for heavy urine loss, this product is extra secure and worn like normal underwear.
On Sale: $64.99 (You save: $21.66)
Pull-on plastic pants. Machine washable and resusable. Perfect as an outer cover for disposable diapers.
On Sale: $19.99 (You save: $6.66)
Designed for moderate to heavy incontinence, this latex-free brief is made just for women and has many comfort.
On Sale: $24.99 (You save: $8.33)
Incontinence boxers from First Quality that are designed to mimic regular boxers as closely as possible.
On Sale: $24.99 (You save: $8.33)
Pull-up style, disposable incontinence underwear by Medline with leg cuffs. Gives you the comfort and feel of underwear.
Your Price: $1.99
Pull-up style incontinence briefs with Advanced Zoning System® technology offering customized incontinence protection for each patient.
On Sale: $19.99 (You save: $6.66)
Available in five sizes and made of a soft fabric, this absorbent underwear looks and feels like regular underwear.
On Sale: $23.99 (You save: $8.00)
One piece reusable panty for women with panel for absorbency. Available in sizes small - x-large.
On Sale: $17.99 (You save: $6.00)
Versatile design holds any of medline\'s incontinence liners in place.
On Sale: $129.99 (You save: $43.33)
Dignity brand protective underwear with unique wetness control and comfort features.
Your Price: $18.99
These washable and re-wearable incontinence panties are designed specifically for women, featuring pink lace & flower accents while guaranteeing protection.
On Sale: $19.99 (You save: $6.66)
StayDry Ultra Underwear is designed to look like real underwear, with the protection of an adult diaper.
On Sale: $14.99 (You save: $5.00)
Outstanding protection and guaranteed performance ensure confidence and comfort for active daytime hours.
Your Price: $1.99
Pull On diapers with NASA technology.
Your Price: $1.99
High-absorbency, pull-up style protective underwear. Contoured to fit a woman. Looks & feels like regular underwear.
Your Price: $24.99
Provides the look and feel of real underwear for moderate to heavy incontinence.
On Sale: $39.99 (You save: $13.33)
Attends Underwear are an everyday, unisex choice that offer individuals moderate to heavy protection with a high degree of mobility and freedom.
Your Price: $19.99
This protective underwear features Poly-Fresh polymer that pulls moisture away from the skin to offer dryness and to promote skin health.
Your Price: $1.99
Designed for moderate urine loss, this product is extra secure and worn like normal underwear.
Your Price: $1.99
FitRight Pink Protective Underwear
On Sale: $55.99 (You save: $18.66)
This protective undergarment is designed to be comfortable and discreet and is made with silky Pointelle cotton.
On Sale: $31.99 (You save: $10.66)
Perfect everyday, unisex protective underwear solution.
Your Price: $1.99
Heavy incontinence pull-up style protective disposable underwear for men and women.
Your Price: $1.99
Select Disposable Absorbent Underwear for heavy incontinence. High absorbency (capacity: 19 oz.) disposable adult underwear.
Your Price: $1.99
Abena brand Super Pants for holding Abri pads and liners
Your Price: $111.99
This highly absorbent protective underwear is soft, cloth-like and pulls on and off like regular underwear.
Your Price: $1.99
Underwear style protection for heavy incontinence .
Your Price: $1.99
Underwear style extra heavy incontinence protection from Medline.
Your Price: $1.99
Shop for Select Disposable Absorbent Underwear and other incontinence supplies at
Your Price: $1.99
Disposable pull-up specifically designed to fit any body contour or to be used during intense physical activity. The Abri-Flex Special ensures optimum softness, snug fit and leakage security.
Your Price: $44.99
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