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Gloves, wipes & more types of incontinence supplies are useful tools for incontinent older adults and their caregivers. Many types of gloves are available, designed for different tasks and made of different materials — natural rubber latex, nitrile, vinyl, polyurethane and neoprene — to accommodate people who may have contact irritant or allergic reactions to certain substances. Glove durability should be an essential consideration, especially for caregivers working in environments where there is a likelihood of infection. Gloves may or may not contain dusting powder. People whose hands become damp as they work will find powdered gloves easier to don and remove. Those involved in dressing wounds prefer powder-free gloves because these present less risk of infection.

Wipes or Exam Gloves

Disposable wipes and washcloths provide both safety and convenience. Disposable wipes generally feature a hypoallergenic, gentle cleansing formula to disinfect the skin thoroughly without irritating sensitive areas. Disposable wipes may also contain aloe, lanolin and, in some cases, vitamin E, to promote health and soothe skin. For ease of use, choose from soft packs or re-sealable plastic tubs that can make caregiving much more efficient. Other helpful product to consider include incontinence odor eliminators. These are scented or unscented sprays, which look like typical air fresheners. They work by reducing or completely removing odors resulting from incontinence. Unlike air fresheners, which only mask odors without removing their source, odor eliminators actually react with the chemical molecules that cause the odors to effectively neutralize them. Odor eliminators may be used with clothes, bed linens, disposable incontinence supplies and in bathrooms and other rooms in the house.

The Aqua No Rinse Shampoo Glove is made with a unique super-absorbent pad inside, absorbing and turning bodily fluids into a gel within seconds.
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The Aqua No Rinse Wash Glove by Windsor Direct is adapted for a waterless bathing without soap, rinsing and drying of the bedridden or dependent patient.
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