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Comfort-Aire Adult Diapers

Comfort-Aire Adult Diapers

The breathable cover of this diaper allows for comfort against the skin and improved airflow, keeping the wearer comfortable.
Featuring side panels on both the front and back, these adult diapers are velvet-soft and 100% breathable. Improved air flow keeps the wearer comfortable and helps prevent skin irritation. The cloth-like outer cover is comfortable against the skin, minimizing the risk of rashes. A triple absorbent core helps provide maximum dryness for healthier skin and a wetness indicator alerts the individual when the diaper needs to be changed. These adult briefs manage stress, urge, overflow, bowel, mixed, and transient types of incontinence. They are suitable for constant volumes of urine and/or fecal incontinence. Refastenable tape tabs with new \"grab anywhere\" technology allow the best possible fit.

Sizes: Measure around the hips or waist, whichever is larger, and select the size accordingly.
  • Medium fits waist size 32-42\"
  • Regular fits waist size 40-50\"
  • Large fits waist size 48-58\"
  • X-Large fits waist size 59-66\"

Medline Disposable Brief Sizing Reference Guide

For safety and hygienic reasons this item is not returnable once the case has been opened.
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