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Incontinence pads, guards and liners are designed for adults with relatively minor incontinence problems. Pads, guards and liners are all essentially beltless undergarments that are easily placed inside everyday underwear to absorb leaks. People with light or moderate incontinence will find these types of beltless undergarments an affordable and discreet solution. These items can also be used inside a moisture-proof reusable brief or inside a disposable brief.

Incontinence Supplies

While these beltless undergarments are usually lumped into a single category of incontinence supplies, pads are more often appropriate products for women. Most female incontinence pads feature an adhesive on their plastic backing to secure them in place, but there are brands that utilize leg cuffs. Whatever method is used, the secure placement is very important to prevent leakage of any liquid onto clothing. Some pads include special material—liquid absorbing polymers—that turns gel-like in the presence of moisture, trapping the liquid and keeping sensitive skin dry.

This pad has maximum absorbency, with an air-dry layer and a dual core for added comfort, discretion and protection.
Your Price: $1.99
Designed for moderate incontinence, this liner features full-length adhesive tapes to hold it in place.
On Sale: $19.99 (You save: $6.66)
This extra-long pad offers more leakage protection and features a Dry-Fast core that keeps fluid away from the body.
On Sale: $14.99 (You save: $5.00)
Perfect for nighttime use or for protection from incontinence during extended periods of time, this pad also offers leakage and odor control.
On Sale: $19.99 (You save: $6.66)
Though thin, these liners can absorb up to six ounces of liquid.
On Sale: $22.99 (You save: $7.66)
With an outer layer that minimizes noise and an inner Air-Dry Layer that absorbs moisture, this pad promotes skin health and prevents irritation.
Your Price: $1.99
The many comfort features of this pad ensure discretion and added comfort to fit the patients needs.
Your Price: $1.99
A Dry-Fast Dual Core wicks fluid away from the body to ensure dryness and odor control.
Your Price: $1.99
These bladder control pads have an adhesive strip to prevent slippage, and contain super-absorbent polymer that promotes odor control.
On Sale: $11.99 (You save: $4.00)
This is a pad that is longer and wider than the typical pad, guaranteeing added security and leakage control.
Your Price: $1.99
Twice the reinforcement offers protection from moderate incontinence.
On Sale: $24.99 (You save: $8.33)
These bladder control pads have wide adhesive strips allow for additional security and can be used with protective underwear or regular undergarments.
On Sale: $14.99 (You save: $5.00)
These pads are stackable in order to provide customized incontinence protection.
On Sale: $19.99 (You save: $6.66)
Bladder Control pad for heavy incontinence by Tena.
On Sale: $14.99 (You save: $5.00)
Versalon peri-pads are highly absorbent, layered, pad solutions for a variety of uses.

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Bladder control pads for medium to heavy incontinence using a fluff and polymer absorber.
On Sale: $72.99 (You save: $24.33)
These super-thin pads offer protection from light bladder leakage and measure eight inches in length.
On Sale: $14.99 (You save: $5.00)
Bladder control pads for light to moderate incontinence in two sizes.
Your Price: $57.99
For users with light to moderate incontinence issues.
On Sale: $14.99 (You save: $5.00)
Select personal incontinence pads crafted to be used in regular underwear.
On Sale: $11.99 (You save: $4.00)
These Poise pads offer high absorbency in a small form.
On Sale: $14.99 (You save: $5.00)
Tranquility Adult Liners - Beltless Undergarment
Your Price: $19.99
Extra soft incontinence liners from MoliForm.
On Sale: $74.99 (You save: $25.00)
White, 6.5 x 17 inch pant liners available in cases of 100.
On Sale: $34.99 (You save: $11.66)
These pads are individually wrapped for guaranteed sanitation, and feature elastic leg gathers, a breathable back cover and an adhesive strip to ensure comfort.
On Sale: $44.99 (You save: $15.00)
Soft cloth-like adult incontinence liners in various sizes and absorbency levels.
Your Price: $59.99
These liners can be worn with either special protection undergarments or regular underwear, both guaranteeing protection for moderate incontinence.
Your Price: $11.99
Available in a Pack of 42 or a Case of 126.
Your Price: $1.99
Discreet pads for light bladder leakage in normal and long sizes.
Your Price: $26.99
Attends insert pads are a leading post-partum acute care product.
On Sale: $79.99 (You save: $26.66)
Available in a pack of 30 or a case of 90.
Your Price: $1.99
Poise pads designed specifically for women who don't want to sacrifice discretion or comfort.
Your Price: $29.99
Effective and discreet protection for light incontinence with the look of a feminine hygiene product with the increased capacity of an incontinence product.
On Sale: $13.99 (You save: $4.66)
Premium incontinence pads for moderate to heavy wetting with unbeatable innovation and technology.
Your Price: $69.99
This incontinence pad is designed for light to heavy incontinence and features both Dry-Fast and OdaSorb Plus technology to prevent moisture from causing odors and irritation.
Your Price: $1.99
Contoured design for a better fit. For light to moderate loss of bladder control. Two adhesive strips help hold guard in place.
On Sale: $24.99 (You save: $8.33)
Disposable pad/liner. The Abri-San Special Pad reduces the risk of skin soreness. Barriers with built-in pockets reduce leakage.
Your Price: $27.99
Hourglass Shaped Pad For Improved Fit, Comfort, and Protection.
On Sale: $28.49 (You save: $9.50)
Booster pads fit neatly between leak guards on medium-XL briefs. The Abri-Let Fluff have soft and breathable design.
Your Price: $19.99
Designed especially for men, these guards feature a cup-like shape. A full-length adhesive strips keeps it securely in place.
On Sale: $43.99 (You save: $14.66)
Incontinence pads designed especially for men. Offer features for a secure fit and additional comfort.
Your Price: $1.99
Hourglass Shaped Pad For Improved Fit, Comfort, and Protection.
On Sale: $29.24 (You save: $9.75)
Mini sized light incontinence pad with cotton core.
On Sale: $17.99 (You save: $6.00)
Hourglass Shaped Pad For Improved Fit, Comfort, and Protection.
On Sale: $28.49 (You save: $9.50)
Silvertouch Reusable Underpad
Your Price: $64.99
Ultra Thin, Long Control Pad For Light Incontinence by Tena.
On Sale: $47.99 (You save: $16.00)
Principle Business ENT Tranquility TopLiner™ Super Liner 14" x 32", Sterile, Latex-free
Your Price: $13.99
The multiple layers of this low to moderate absorbent pad allows liquid to pass through the initial layer to be converted into non-irritating gel in the pad\
On Sale: $23.99 (You save: $8.00)
Ultra thin, regular length control pad for heavy incontinence by Tena.
Your Price: $1.99
Disposable Underpads Ultra Large 36 X 36 are made with a soft and strong white spunbond facing.
Your Price: $14.99
These bladder control pads are designed for mild to moderate incontinence and feature soft, stretchable leg gathers for additional comfort.
On Sale: $12.99 (You save: $4.33)
These latex-free pads are designed for moderate incontinence and feature a wetness indicator that alerts users that the pad needs to be changed.
On Sale: $24.99 (You save: $8.33)
This pad offers protection from heavy bladder and bowel incontinence while also ensuring leakage and odor control.
On Sale: $24.99 (You save: $8.33)
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